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What others say - and why they love The I AM Experience!

"My leggings and crop top set does a great job not showing sweat! The fabric feels very good on the skin. Very soft and great quality!”

-T. Burrell

“You should definitely consider joining the I AM Experience. Truly life changing! And the material is good. The leggings has a nice stretch."

-M. Roberts

“The workout mix is great! I listen to it while working out and sometimes while in the car, post work out. It can be enjoyed anytime you want to feel energized. The affirmations are awesome!"

-G. Lasher

“I love my leggings. They are super comfy. The waist band stays in place and it doesn't fall down when doing yoga, stretching, or jumping. The material is soft, not thick but not thin either. Just right so you can wear these on hot summer days a well."

-R. Wallace

“I feel loved and cared for while wearing the apparel. You can actually feel the energy of The I AM Experience in the apparel. It wore great and even after washing the quality was still very good. And I love the options with pockets”

-K. Guyton

“I love the colors and design options. The fabric feels great to the touch. The material is very breathable and comfortable. Even when I sweated, I didn’t feel like the sports bra was sticking to me like other sports bras.”

-A. Lee

“I have really enjoyed being a part of the private empowerment group. It encourages me and challenges me. While recovering from surgery, I still felt empowered to enhance my mental wellness and do what I could physically to participate in the challenges. There was lots of love felt amongst the group."

-L. Ortiz

“The apparel feels high-quality, and very easy to breath in. I also love the versatility of the pieces. I can wear them for fitness or while out and about.”

-V. Weaver

“I love my top. It’s very comfortable and the material is overall great. It doesn’t feel cheap and doesn’t make me itch or feel irritation while wearing. My loose-fitting top provides lots of space to move freely. I wore while it was raining and thought it would be see through, but actually it wasn’t. I was happy about that! The mesh top’s length is great to workout in! It’s also a great option for those who have religious restrictions or not comfortable showing their figure.”

-M. Crudup

“I love the versatility of the pieces! I also love how put together they make me look & feel. Whether I’m wearing a set or 2 separate pieces for fitness or leisure, I step out feeling like I put time into my look, when it’s really just me putting on these quality pieces. I highly recommend this apparel line. I’m excited to continue to purchase pieces!“

-T. Hatton

“The I AM Experience has some of the best workout gear. The fit is on point!“

-L. Murphy

“My set fit just right! I love the material and the stretch. It's super comfy and chic.“

-R. Proctor

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