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Discounted Apparel

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As a Member of The I AM Experience, enjoy receiving discounts when you purchase your I AM apparel. 

Discounts apply with each purchase and can be used limitless by member.

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Energy Workout




Get your workout on with the I AM Energy Workout Mix and take in dynamic mind shifting I AM affirmations as you intentionally cultivate the best version of yourself. Produced by highly sought-after sound engineers, these quality energizing beats take your workout to the next level, keeping you motivated and empowered both mentally and physically. Purposefully interjecting positive thoughts during one of your most vulnerable times while working out is powerful and life-altering. The I AM Energy Workout Mix incorporates over 25 minutes of carefully chosen I AM affirmations to help keep you on the right track with continuous positive self-talk and an affirming mindset. It was formulated to enhance your total being. So, move your body with intentionality as you take in the stimulating vibes of the I AM Energy Workout Mix and allow your mind, body, and soul to be soothed, while also empowered, renewed, refreshed, and refueled. Envision yourself in your I AM Apparel while listening to the I AM Energy Workout Mix. *As a Member of The I AM Experience, receive immediate access to the I AM Energy Workout Mix.

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Exclusive Wellness



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Wellness is attainable for anyone who has the right tools and resources to enhance their perception of what wellness is for them. The conviction of wellness is unique to each person. The I AM Exclusive Wellness Kit offers support and provides you with the basic knowledge to implement your idea of wellness into your life.  Included are health and wellness tips, reputable resources, practical guides for daily living, and direct contact information for quality healthcare & wellness professionals and organizations to assist you along your journey.  *As a Member of The I AM Experience, receive immediate access to I AM Exclusive Wellness Kits.

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Empowerment Hub

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You don't have to feel alone on your journey to true total wellness. Enjoy this special perk of being a Member of The I AM Experience! Based on the premise "affirmations without discipline is the beginning of delusion" (-Jim Rohn), not only are we speaking our I AM affirmations, but we are also doing the work!  Through the Wellness Empowerment Hub, gain access to virtual interaction, empowerment, accountability, and wellness tips through video content. This Hub is the ultimate way to enhance your fitness and wellness journey. Connect with coaches, trainers, influencers, health & wellness professionals, enthusiasts, and leaders from all backgrounds.

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Discussion Groups

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Utilize groups to ask questions, receive insight, share your thoughts, ideas, "ah-ha moments", and any other things that may come to mind as you embrace your I AM and continue on your fitness and wellness journey. There's indeed power in numbers! Take full advantage of the support and accountability offered in The I AM Experience groups!  So, grab your favorite health beverage, kick back, and connect!

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Enjoy monthly information shared from healthcare, wellness, and fitness professionals on various topics. These monthly evidence-based, yet enjoyable blogs will give you the insight and tools to help keep you on the right track to meeting your goals!

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Health & Wellness





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Utilize the contact information of these health and wellness professionals as you travel along your fitness and wellness journey. They have agreed to make themselves available to you as a member of The I AM Experience.  The catalog contains health & wellness professionals from a variety of industries, so various aspects of your life can be addressed. From financial, to physical fitness, nutrition, stretching, hair & scalp care, skin care, image and wardrobe, makeup, maternity, CPR safety, credit counseling services, nurse practitioner, to life coaching, etc., you will be connected with a valuable resource through this catalog!

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Know that you are not alone on your voyage to fitness, health, and wellness.

Joining The I AM Experience surrounds you with empowerment, inspiration, knowledge, and validation to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally, and to unambiguously occupy within your authentic self.

You can join The I AM Experience and become a Member to receive access to wellness tools, services, and interactive platforms to enhance your journey. There are many benefits to joining as a Member! 

Utilize Membership benefits to help thrust you into owning your full fitness and wellness experience.

The I AM Experience is more than looking great in the I AM Apparel. It is a fitness and wellness journey offering you an exclusive experience.