Welcome to The I AM Experience, a nurse-curated premium fitness apparel line and wellness empowerment journey. The mission of The I AM Experience is to deliver a fitness and wellness experience empowering individuals to intentionally cultivate the best version of themselves within, reflecting out to the world. Included as a subset of The I AM Experience is the signature Fitness Apparel line, "I AM", offering quality custom fitness apparel from a brand you can trust.

The ultimate vision of The I AM Experience is to offer custom high-quality fitness apparel and supportive wellness products that will enhance your journey to express the fittest and most well version of yourself. The I AM Experience is not just another fitness apparel line, but an exclusive fitness and wellness journey.


With a focus on well-being for the mind, body, and soul, emphasis is placed on becoming more conscious of what you say after the words "I am". These are two of the most important words you can ever speak out of your own mouth. They create your entire world. Whatever follows these two words is what is and what will be; therefore, you are encouraged to pay attention to what you are saying about yourself to yourself and during your conversation with others. Whether we choose to believe this or not, our words indeed hold power and can deliver positivity or negativity into our lives.


Every aspect of The I AM Experience is centered on your I AM, which directly impacts every area of your life. From the I AM Fitness Apparel, to the I AM Energy Workout Mix, to the I AM Exclusive Wellness Kit, to the I AM Empowered Private Group, each subset of The I AM Experience empowers you to cultivate the best version of yourself from the inside out.

The I AM Story

Founder, Santisha Walker

Registered Nurse

Certified Wellness Coach


As a nurse who nurtures others back to health, and a wellness coach who empower and enhance others well-being, it is essential for Santisha to share her journey and she is grateful to be able to offer The I AM Experience as not just another fitness apparel line, but an exclusive fitness and wellness journey promoting physical activity, well-living, and disease prevention.

The I AM Experience focuses on real life issues we deal with daily and connects with our mind, body, and soul. It's not about being perfect and living up to a false reality of what society says is perfect, but reflecting to the world your uniqueness and adding your own stamp of approval as you feel your best and live your well life. No matter where you are along your journey, The I AM Experience affirms that you are enough and that your I AM indeed matters.

With much understanding, sensitivity, and consideration for the many who have struggled and experienced loss during these tumultuous times, Santisha can say with humility, yet with great satisfaction, that 2020 was a remarkable year as she experienced positive changes in every area of her life.

How it started

The I AM Experience was cultivated during 2020 amongst the uncertainty, confusion, fear, and repeated chaos the world was experiencing. Feeling the need to become still internally and seek God for better understanding of her role as a healthcare professional to encourage others to take care of themselves holistically, Santisha turned inward and felt led to begin incorporating more positive self-talk and positive affirmations into her own life. This time was used to remind her of "the power of the tongue" and the ability to speak life to every situation.

As she began to incorporate positive I am affirmations into her daily routine and intentionally shift her thoughts and words to empowering her body, her mind, home, business, finances, and relationships, she noticed her external world beginning to change drastically. During this time, she also felt compelled to increase her physical activity and become more physically fit to remain healthy and keep her immune system strong to continue to serve as a nurse during the pandemic. Although there was still chaos throughout the world, she made a conscious choice to alter her perspective and transition her mind.

"As you feel great in your I AM Fitness Apparel, vibe to the I AM Energy Workout Mix, indulge in the I AM Exclusive Wellness Kit, and participate in the I AM Empowered Private Group, I know this will be a beautiful evolution for you and I’m excited to witness you reach your goals! I AM is exactly who you are, what you are, and what your environment is, so boldly embrace your I AM and watch your mindset, atmosphere, and life change. You will be and do all that your heart desires. I believe in you! I believe with you! We got this! Now, let’s do this!"

With Love, Light & Continued Blessings,

Santisha L. Walker

Founder's Heart For Health & Wellness
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A sought-after resource that I am proud of that has served many is Walker Group Health & Wellness. I founded this boutique consulting company to provide customized services in health and wellness education and offering quality evidence-based guidance to organizations, groups, families, and the community. As a healthcare professional and wellness advocate, I take comfort in giving back and serving. Working in healthcare has allowed me to witness first hand the daily struggles, insecurities, and challenges people face, as well as what makes them happy, brings them joy, and helps them keep their spark for life. I don't take for granted the opportunity to serve patients, clients, families, and the community in today's tumultuous times. Now more than ever, with life's many stressors, it's imperative to intentionally take out time to improve our health and strengthen our total wellness. I love witnessing others thrive and living the best version of themselves, and I am delighted to be able to put my healthcare and wellness knowledge to work through The I AM Experience. May your life be forever changed for the better."

"​As a healthcare professional, I take as many opportunities as possible to serve and educate on the difference between being healthy and actually living a well life, and the role they both play in operating at our best. Choosing to avail myself and my healthcare knowledge as a valuable liaison, I intentionally involve myself with enhancing others life and providing practical health & wellness knowledge they can easily and independently put to use.

Take It All In!

"The I AM Experience is a safe haven where you can be yourself. It is for those who want to get started living a fit and well life, those who want to indulge more in a fit and well lifestyle, and those who want to take their fitness and wellness to the next level.


My desire is for you to leave The I AM Experience feeling empowered, ready to reflect your best self out to the world. Browse the site, embrace what is being offered, and take advantage of the resources. From the I AM Fitness Apparel, to the I AM Energy Workout Mix, to the I AM Exclusive Wellness Kit, to the I AM Empowered Private Group, open yourself to the ultimate exclusive fitness and wellness journey. Take it all in...because your I AM is all that really matters!"

take a quick glimpse. feel the I AM energy.