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Know that you are not alone on your voyage to fitness, health, and wellness.

As you trek along, accept that the journey is not about perfection.

The journey is about embracing your truth, setting goals, and intentionally cultivating the best version of yourself to reflect out to the world.

To experience the best version of yourself it takes accountability, and as we know...there's power in numbers!

Joining The I AM Experience surrounds you with empowerment, inspiration, knowledge, and validation to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally, and to unambiguously occupy within your authentic self.

You can join the team and become part of The I AM Experience through the purchase of your desired I AM Fitness Apparel. To go along with your apparel, you will receive wellness empowerment products to enhance your journey and help thrust you into owning your full wellness experience.

The I AM Experience is more than looking great in the I AM Fitness Apparel. It is a fitness and wellness journey offering you an exclusive experience.

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The I AM Experience


I AM Fitness Apparel

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The I AM Fitness Apparel meets you where you are and is there with you along the journey. It is for the everyday person representing their unique expression of fitness. It's not about perfection, but understanding I AM enough on the road to true wellness while being your authentic self. Have fun, love, laugh, give, enjoy the journey, and simply be free...because your I AM is truly all that matters!

*The I AM Fitness Apparel has new releases monthly and available for a limited time of only 7 days with each new release! Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on new release dates!

I AM Energy

Workout Mix

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I AM Exclusive Wellness Kit

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Wellness is attainable and sustainable for anyone who has the right tools and resources to construct their perception of what wellness is for them. The conviction of wellness is unique for each person. The I AM Exclusive Wellness Kit offers support and provides you with the basic knowledge to implement your idea of wellness into your life. With the ability to be personalized based on your needs, this exclusive wellness kit offers the opportunity to break away from unsuitable habits that no longer serve where you desire to operate in your life and empowers you to intentionally cultivate the best version of yourself to reflect out to the world. It provides health & wellness tips, reputable resources, practical guides for daily living, and direct contact information for quality healthcare & wellness professionals and organizations to assist you along your journey. Find out more here.

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*The I AM Exclusive Wellness Kit is available only with the purchase of your I AM Fitness Apparel.

I AM Energy

Workout Mix

Envision yourself in the I AM Fitness Apparel while listening to positive affirmations over energizing beats during your workout. The I AM Energy Workout Mix brings a one of a kind vibe that takes your workout to the next level both mentally and physically.

The I AM Energy Workout Mix incorporates carefully chosen I AM affirmations to help keep you on the right track with continuous positive self-talk and an affirming mindset. Repetition is essential to help shift your thoughts, mindset, conversation, and behavior. Listen to the I AM Energy Workout Mix daily to become empowered to cultivate the best version of yourself and reflect out to the world! Find out more here.

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*The I AM Energy Workout Mix high-quality custom engineered tracks are available only with the purchase of your I AM Fitness Apparel and is immediately sent to you for download after your purchase is complete.

I AM Empowered

Private Group

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You don't have to feel alone on your journey to true total wellness. Enjoy this special perk of being a part of The I AM Experience! Gain access to personal interaction, empowerment, accountability, and weekly nursing & wellness tips through the I AM Empowered Private Facebook Group. This is the ultimate way to Join The I AM Team and make the most of your I AM Experience. After purchase of your I AM Fitness Apparel, you will be provided via email with an entry code to gain entry into the group.

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