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True wellness not only includes being physically fit, but also nutritionally, mentally, emotionally, financially, and socially fit.

The I AM Exclusive Wellness Kit encompasses all things wellness, with a focus on a holistic approach to total fitness, health, & wellness.

As creatures of habit, we tend to hold on to patterns, traditions, and customs that no longer serve where we desire to operate daily within our physical abilities, mentality, relationships, career, business, and finances.

This exclusive wellness kit offers the opportunity to break away from these unsuitable habits and serves as an empowerment tool to assist you as you intentionally cultivate the best version of yourself to reflect out to the world. Chock full of pages of health & wellness tips, reputable resources, practical guides for daily living, and direct contact information for quality healthcare & wellness professionals and organizations to assist you, you are bound to reach your fitness and wellness goals while utilizing your custom wellness kit!

Find confidence in knowing that it meets you right where you are and supplies easy to use guidance as you push forward.

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The I AM Exclusive Wellness Kit is included with the purchase of your I AM Fitness Apparel, with the option to choose a wellness subject to receive health & wellness-related tips.

Your personalized wellness kit will be delivered with your custom I AM Fitness Apparel, with ready to implement information and guidance.

As an added bonus, at checkout you will receive the opportunity to have a Comprehensive Nursing & Wellness Assessment delivered with your custom I AM Fitness apparel package to complete and confidentially review directly with our Founder, Santisha Walker, a Master's prepared Registered Nurse and Certified Wellness Coach.

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The I AM Exclusive Wellness Kit takes your I AM Experience to another level. You will not only look great in your I AM Fitness Apparel, you will also experience true wellness and feel great in every area of your life!

Choose from these specific wellness-related subjects to customize your wellness kit:

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Please note: Information provided in the I AM Exclusive Wellness Kit does not prescribe, treat, diagnose, or take the place of your primary care team. All content is for advisement, education, guidance, and informational purposes only. Consult with your physician before & during implementation of the tips provided.

Grab your I AM Exclusive Wellness Kit here by purchasing your I AM Fitness Apparel.

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